Chapter 1 - The Lucky Break

How Ed went from news writer to on-air reporter.

Length 00:29:56


Chapter 2 - New York Childhood

Growing up in the Bronx and how Ed became a musician.

Length 00:33:45


Chapter 3 - Army Air Corps

Ed enters the service in WWII and takes his music with him!

Length 00:14:36


Chapter 4 - Syracuse

Ed gets his pick of prestigious universities in spite of a less than impressive high school grade average.

Length 00:17:56


Chapter 5 - Stanford

Ed decides to pursue his post graduate degree in romantic California.

Length 00:9:06


Chapter 6 - Stockton

Ed takes a job as a newspaper reporter and enjoys the company of many of Stockton's colorful elite!

Length 00:10:58


Chapter 7 - South America

The young musician/ writer flees to Montevideo to escape atomic disaster- or so he thinks!

Length 00:20:28


Chapter 8 - Back to California

Ed becomes a certified Merchant Seaman as a means of returning to California via New York.

Length 00:07:56


Chapter 9 - KNBC Radio

Ed begins his radio broadcasting career.

Length 00:38:29


Chapter 10 - Freeloads

As Ed becomes an increasingly well known Bay Area radio personality, he and many of his fellow media broadcasters enjoy wonderful "perks" from advertisers - until it becomes illegal!

Length 00:26:39


Chapter 11 - NBC Radio

In addition to his NBC West Coast duties and broadcasts, Ed becomes a major contributor to NBC's Monitor radio program.

Length 00:31:57


Chapter 12 - Buenos Aires

As Ed begins a gradual transition to television reporting, he makes NBC "an offer they couldn't refuse" resulting in the Arnow family packing up to live in South America.

Length 00:33:57


Chapter 13 - Rio de Janeiro

Ed covers a revolution in Brazil and much more.

Length 00:29:30


Chapter 14 - Miami

The Arnow family moves to Miami where NBC assigns Ed the Caribbean Bureau, but he sees very little of the Caribbean.

Length 00:19:10


Chapter 15 - Cal Berkeley

Ed teaches journalism classes at CSU Berkeley at the height of the turbulent '60s.

Length 00:16:52


Chapter 16 - Turkey

Ed is awarded a Fullbright professorship at the University of Ankora Turkey - so, once again, the Arnows pack up for a year abroad.

Length 00:31:14


Chapter 17 - KPIX

Shortly after returning from Turkey Ed is hired as a full time staff reporter for KPIX Television in San Francisco.

Length 00:33:40


Chapter 18 - Of Boats, Wine Fountains and a Murder House

Ed and Doe do some free association and muse on a number of delightful subjects.

Length 00:18:50


Chapter 19 - KGO and Beyond

Ed leaves KGO Television shortly after the 1989 quake in the Bay Area, and though retired from broadcasting, soon returns to writing for Bay Area newspapers and globe trotting aboard cruise ships with his wife Jo.

Length 00:34:24

-Bonus Chapter-


Chapter 20 - Ed's Lemon Vodka

In this chapter Ed reveals the story of and formula for his fabulous Lemon Vodka Martinis - Cheers!!!

Length 00:08:18

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